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Hi, I’m Inna Fourer

Over the last few years, I have found myself looking for the right solution in my eLearning work. Combined with a natural curiosity, I gravitated towards User Experience.

Now after completing the General Assembly UXDi course, I have gained the UX skills to match my curiosity. I have discovered that I love exploring how people feel, think and behave when they use a product for the first time. With over five years experience as a digital designer, my particular strengths are in visual and interactive design, I also have a strong skill set across the full spectrum of the UCD process including user research, ideation, low and high-fidelity prototyping, usability testing, iteration and web analytics.

In my free time, I love discovering secret nooks around Melbourne for food, even more so I love visiting other counties and experiencing their culture and food.  I constantly keep challenging myself, so if I’m not trying to untangle myself from a yoga position, then you will find me trying to survive the 1000 steps in the Dandenongs.




Inna is a very passionate and naturally talented designer. She is not afraid to ask 'why' to challenge the norm and create products that are the best they can be. Over the time I've had the opportunity to have Inna working for me, I cannot count the number of times she has impressed me with get interpretation of a brief and her eye for detail. 

Raf Dolanowski
Operations Manager at Learning Seat



I worked with Inna for over three years at Leaning Seat in my capacity as an instructional designer. In that time, I found Inna to be a thoughtful, conscientious and uniquely talented digital designer with a particular passion for user experience (UX). She has an artist’s eye and intuition for detail, form and function, which is evident in her subtle and gorgeous designs. Her work on a diverse range of 
e-learning projects always demonstrated consideration and respect for the learners who would be using them, while her skills as a fine artist elevated what could’ve been ‘just another e-learning course’ into something much, much more. In addition to her course development work, Inna was an active thought leader and contributed many ideas to the betterment of the business. She was also instrumental in the creation of Learning Seat’s new brand style guide. As a colleague, Inna was kind, sensitive and generous not to mention hardworking and a lot of fun to work with. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Inna for any future opportunities that she was interested in pursuing.

Bianca Frost
Instructional Designer at Learning Seat


Inna is a welcome asset on any project. I'm always relieved to hear she'll be the designer for one of my courses because, for starters, she always delivers. She delivers on time. She delivers to scope. And she consistently brings her A-game to every creative concept. Inna's ideas are super fresh, while always considerate of the client's needs. And what's more, she's a natural-born leader. I could easily see a producer/director role in her future. I'll be keeping my eye on this one!

Josephine Colson
Digital Project Manager at Learning Seat


I am highly impressed by the quality of work you consistently produce. You played such a major role in the rebranding of Learning Seat’s marketing collateral, offering key creative advice and working with various stakeholders.In addition, your idea to revamp the Learning Seat ads to allow for more creativity and have them more in line with Learning Seat’s website and messaging showed strong initiative and demonstrated your understanding toward the job at hand. I completely trust you with the creative that you produce for all of the marketing collateral required because you have gained a deep understanding into what we are after. What I appreciate the most is the way you are always flexible when it comes to deadlines and the various needs for each advertisement. You never complain, instead always just get the job done.

Vida Scott
Marketing Communications Manager at News Digital Media


Inna is a talented designer and a charm to work with. Her bubbly character and positive attitude always brightens up the work environment even at the most stressful of times. She is an amazing team player and provides great support when needed. Her ability to conceptualise a design and translate it into design that's effective and visually appealing is one of her many great skills.

Germaine Rea
Digital Designer at Learning Seat